A project

The various stages of an architectural project


First date

French architect Alexandre Lafourcade gets to know the site. "The most important thing is to have a long conversation with the client to understand their wishes; then you need to immerse yourself in the place, thinking hard about every detail." From the outset, Alexandre Lafourcade has a clear vision of how to transform and enhance a mas, a farmhouse, a warehouse, a château, an hotel... self-taught, he has an intuitive grasp of architectural concepts.

Survey and analysis of the building

"A proper survey involves an in-depth understanding of the property and can help avoid hasty decisions and unnecessary expense."
Lafourcade Architecture carries out a rigorous analysis of the house and surroundings.

Preliminary project Design

There are preliminary discussions about the project with the client. Once they approve, Lafourcade Architecture takes care of the administrative procedures.

Dimensional drawing

This is a large-scale and very detailed drawing with dimensions

Construction drawing

Cost control is essential and is a key factor in the success of a project.

Renovation works Consummate expertise

Lafourcade Architecture has a wealth of experience in large-scale construction sites.
At the Château de Berne, a tunnel created from scratch connects the reception, hotel and spa buildings.

From dream to reality

The property after restoration gives the impression it has always been so.

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