Landscape gardener Dominique Lafourcade works in concert with her son Alexandre to complement and enhance the property under renovation.
She recognises that a beautiful Mediterranean garden is both a refuge and a place to share with family and friends, defining the ambiance which first welcomes you and your visitors on arrival and giving an all-important first impression.

Working both on site and from the company's studios in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Dominique Lafourcade imagines, designs and creates gardens in keeping with the topography and buildings: classical, formal and informal, from secret garden rooms asking to be explored to long, open perspectives inviting an afternoon walk. She believes that: "A gardener must be architect, sculptor, musician and painter all at the same time for the result to move the viewer and appeal to all the senses."


To date, landscape architect Dominique Lafourcade has transformed a great variety of settings, creating town gardens to suit contemporary conversions, seaside gardens for Riviera villas and gracious country gardens set in the vineyards.

Each one of Dominique Lafourcade's garden designs is unique. They share just one thing in common : they express their creator's desire to tell a story with plants, flowers and trees with the wind, earth, sun and rain providing the canvas on which she paints her colours.

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