Lafourcade Architecture has developed specific knowledge and skills in each of its areas of expertise.

The historic restoration of private properties, the renovation of prestigious dwellings, the conversion of ordinary buildings into charming homes, the creation of luxury hotels and the restoration of wineries.
Lafourcade restoration projects use vintage materials (hexagonal terracotta floor tiles, roof tiles, flagstones, etc), and natural, durable and timeless materials (wood, stone, terracotta, brick, etc).

A harmonious restoration that respects architectural tradition must be entrusted to the experienced hands of outstanding craftspeople. So whitewash is applied to the sunny façades of Provençal bastides. Stair rails, staircases, fireplaces, pillars and fountains are made to order by stonemasons and then given a patina by an artist. 

Cabinet-makers, iron-workers, plasterers and landscape gardeners also bring their traditional skills to the successful completion of a house that blends seamlessly into its surroundings, a dwelling that gives the impression of having been there forever.

For Alexandre Lafourcade, the mastery of cutting-edge technologies is one of the cornerstones of his art of living philosophy; an intelligent and considered approach is needed to successfully fuse traditional values and contemporary comfort without distorting the spirit of the site.

Responding to the expectations of its private clients, Lafourcade Architecture has now made its knowledge and expertise available to two new sectors: hotels and wine-growing/agricultural estates.

For restoration projects and the creation of luxury hotels, Lafourcade Architecture has a project office with a dedicated person working on administrative issues (planning permission) and it has access to a network of experts capable of meeting the most sophisticated technical demands.

Lafourcade Architecture has also developed substantial expertise in wine production. The family works with oenology experts and offers a range of services to its professional clients: project management, site supervision, sourcing grants for the restoration of properties and wine estates. Lafourcade Architecture works with a specialist in upgrading agricultural and wine-growing properties, skilled at restoring an olive grove or interweaving fruit trees with vines.

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