La maison de la fontaine

Renovation of a town house in the heart of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

Lafourcade Architecture restored this house in six months, quite a feat given the dilapidated state of the building. The house had been neglected for twenty years. In the 14th century it sheltered members of the clergy who stopped off there on their way to Avignon, the papal seat at that time. It seems that nothing has survived from that period. It had to be rebuilt in the 18th century. During the renovation, Alexandre Lafourcade found the original door buried in the cellar, with its plaque bearing the name Frédéric Mistral, so it's possible that the house once belonged to the poet!

Alexandre Lafourcade created as many openings as possible onto the courtyard, making the most of each little space. The rooms all had to be moved around.

When Alexandre Lafourcade first discovered the house, the only view onto the courtyard was from one small window. French doors were created to admit abundant light and establish a new connection between courtyard and house. The large Renaissance-style staircase was already in place, and Alexandre Lafourcade extended it to the attic to replace the original wooden ladder. Today this beautiful staircase looks as if it has been there forever and fits perfectly into this triumphant architectural renovation.

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