Château de Mille

The oldest wine estate in the Luberon calls for the savoir-faire of Alexandre Lafourcade.

Surrounded by vines, pine and oak trees, it was built on rock. Once a troglodyte dwelling, then a medieval castle with a monolithic suspended staircase, it is one of a kind. The façades with the beautiful Renaissance windows are juxtaposed with architectural elements from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The challenge facing Alexandre Lafourcade was to restore a certain harmony to the interior volumes of the various buildings, by radically rethinking every level and every room and redistributing the space.

This is a highly technical restoration project. Fortunately, Alexandre Lafourcade's proven track record in restoring historic buildings is backed up by loyal teams of experts in their field, who rely on his visionary talents.
Outside, the challenge is to restore the château by subtly unifying its various buildings without losing any of its charm or warm patina of age.

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