A contemporary villa in Saint Tropez.

An undistinguished villa with a view over the bay of Saint-Tropez becomes an elegant house, in perfect harmony with its Mediterranean gardens, planted with immense umbrella pines.

When Lafourcade Architecture started up the project, the villa was a ragbag of building styles from the 1970s. The restoration of the property began with an upgrade of the central part of the building; this involved converting the house's three separate units into a single main dwelling.
The old swimming-pool built alongside the villa was demolished and rebuilt on a terrace surrounded by gardens. The enormous site was laid out in tree-lined terraces, offering a stunning view over the bay of Saint-Tropez, jewel of the Riviera.

The buildings have a total area of 1500 square metres, connected by a large garden designed by Dominique Lafourcade.

In parallel with the development of this property, which recalls the style of seaside homes of the past, a number of annexes were built - guest houses, children's house, pool house, a second swimming-pool, staff house, etc.

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